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No Hand to Hold

Knowing not the weight of her choices 

Choosing flesh over virtue

Wrong over right

No thoughts given beyond that night

Now faced with a choice

There should not have been

Given by society; A right to choose life or end it then

Too scared to say yes

Too scared to say no

Unable to think, no options told

She made her choice

Now trapped in silence

Deep scars from within

She suffers alone with her hidden sin

A mother with No hand to hold

Deborah Harter©

Many call this tiny baby a choice. In 1973 Satan deceived the Supreme Court into believing that abortion was nothing more than giving a woman the right to choose what she wanted for her body. He has deceived the mind into the belief that if abortion is legal, it is right. Consequently many have been deceived into seeing their pregnancies as mistakes which are easy to eliminate. If you have been deceived into having and/or helping someone have an abortion, know that there is hope and healing available. Jesus Christ paid the debt for ALL sins. Confess this to Him and allow His forgiveness to begin the healing process. If you are the Mother or Father of an aborted baby, you are the parent of a child living in heaven.

Wear this tiny hand print as a reminder of God's love, forgiveness and a precious gift that awaits you in Heaven one day.

(Actual size of a baby's hand at 12 weeks)

Blot out my rebellion. Wash away my guilt, and cleanse me from my sin. Psalm 51:1-2 

Save me from the guilt of bloodshed, God the God of my salvation. Psalms 51:14

  • PURE .925 Sterling Silver
  • Message Card included
  • Packaged in our signature red box
  • Dimensions of the charm: 15 x 11 mm
  • Comes on 6 mm split ring
  • Designed exclusively by Texas Designer, Deborah Harter