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Eilat Simply Rolo Chain Bracelet

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Enjoy owning these unique stones without having to travel to Israel to purchase it. The color is captivating and unique from stone to stone. Each bracelet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. These stones are mined in Eilat, Israel. Eilat stones, are a unique and rare combination of azurite and malachite, along with other trace minerals. This combination of stones/mineral blend is found nowhere else in the world. Along with their uniqueness and rarity comes another interesting historical fact: History reveals that King Solomon himself owned mines throughout this region in Israel. It is believed that this mine was part of the mines owned by King Solomon along with his copper mines. This bracelet is simple and is hand crafted with three different styles of  Eilat stones, and is finish with 2mm sterling silver rolo chain. 

  • Certificate of Authenticity card included
  • Jerusalem Cross Message Card included
  • Packaged in our signature red box
  • Sterling Silver
  • Eilat Stones from Eilat, Israel
  • The uniques stones can only be found in Eilat Israel
  • The stones were mined from the area known to be the mines of King Solomon 
  • Earrings and Necklace to match are available
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Stones may slightly vary in color on each necklace
  • Standard length of bracelet: 7.5"

 (Certificate of Authenticity)

I, Deborah Harter, certify these stones to be Eilat stones, from Eilat, Israel as described. I have personally hand selected each stone in Israel and verify the place of purchase to be a legitimate dealer and the original mine source. After returning from Israel with these unique stones I designed this necklace so that you could enjoy wearing and sharing in the uniqueness of such historical stones.