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Even Now-Yes, in this country and now.

This special charm is made out of high quality lead-free pewter and not Sterling Silver. You might be asking why pewter and not sterling considering 100% of Sterling Grace designs are made of .925 sterling silver? We chose to do this design in pewter so that we could offer it at pricing that will allow you to purchase multiples and share it with your bible study class, family and neighbors. Sterling Grace is wanting to share a message that God is not done with us yet. In a day when it seems like hope is failing us-God is not. Lets join together to spread the message of hope for our country "even now." Even now, when everyday we hear of mass shootings, other violent crimes, babies being killed and the sanctity of the family under attack. God is our HOPE, EVEN NOW! Let's join our hearts in prayer, remembering we are still one nation under God. GOD BLESS AMERICA and may America bless the name of GOD!