Magdala "Peace of the Lord"

Magdala "Peace of the Lord"

Posted by Deborah Harter, Artist/Designer on Aug 6th 2018

Peace of the Lord charm. What a story... (Worth the read)

The mosaic floor design at Magdala, Israel laid buried for 2000 years and was first seen in 2014, by the public.
MY STORY: God woke me in the middle of the night (19 years ago), to design this and call it, "Peace of the Lord." Many years later a synagogue was discovered in the small fishing village of Magdala, Israel. In the synagogue a mosaic tile floor yielded this same design-(what I call-Peace of the Lord).
We know that Jesus would have taught in this synagog with this mosaic floor!

This designer is still as humbled today, as I was the first time I saw this floor in Israel. Truly, no words, but tears!

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