About Us

The Company
Sterling Grace started in the heart and home of Deborah Harter in 1995. When the question of the ICTHYS (fish symbol) was the topic of a discussion with several different opinions, the journey began. After hours of research and answers uncovered, a love for the tangible meanings and symbols of her Christian faith was birthed. As a bible teacher and speaker she began to share what she was learning. Bringing to light the meanings or designs readily available in all forms of art including jewelry. She decided to design Christian symbols and scripture meanings in sterling silver jewelry. Allowing the wearer the opportunity to share his or her faith because someone might ask' "what does that mean?" Her trademark and first design ever created was the Trio Cross. Today, it is still a customer favorite and more testimonies have been shared from that design than any other, because someone asked the wearer, what does the 3 crosses mean and where did you get that?
Our Artists
-Deborah Harter, designer and artist began creating unique, fun and whimsical pieces of sterling silver jewelry inspired by the Bible in 1997. Her passion and love for Jesus came with a commitment that no piece of jewelry would ever be designed and leave her store without the Word of God attached. Message from Deborah, I pray that my line of jewelry will give you lots of chances to talk about God. Refine us as silver is refined. Psalm 66:10 
-Sterling Harter (age 5), designer and up and coming artist with the help her YaYa created her own line of jewelry. YaYa (Deborah Harter) seeing a little artist grow before her eyes and listening to Sterling fall in love with Jesus and His words guided her to create some neat pieces of jewelry for children. Both artists love sharing their love for art and Jesus through tangible works of artto wear and share your faith. Message from Sterling, I hope you love my line of jewelry about Jesus. I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength. Phil 4:13 
About our jewelry
Sterling Grace designs are unique works of art, unparalleled in creative styles to exalt The Great Designer. Created with superior workmanship and a timeless truth. Design to share and tell.
All of our jewelry is constructed of sterling silver. Sterling silver was chosen because it resembles the Christian life. Before accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior we are lost, dark, and without form. Before sterling silver is a piece of jewelry, it is black and formless. The silver must yield to the master’s touch and a series of processes such as: heat, molding, tumbling, and polishing to become a shiny piece of jewelry. However, the effects of time and environment cause sterling silver to tarnish.

Again yielding to the master’s touch, it is polished and returned to its shiny state. After we allow Jesus to come into our lives, we will experience many events that change, mold, and conform our lives to the Master’s plan. While we are still saved, as jewelry is still jewelry, we are will sinners capable of sinning. We must repent and yield to the Master daily and be cleansed from our sin. Once cleansed and restored we may continue in our work and fellowship with the Master. For Thou hast, tried us, O God; Thou has refined us as silver is refined. Psalms 66:10 NAS

How we live & give
We live in our community and share the needs of a community. We support our local churches and giveback to various needs and organizations. Our Global community reaches to a partnership that helped bring water down a mountain in Honduras, to a tiny little school and the children that attended it. We also partenered to provide a working well in Sangida, Africa to a people group that with out it, would have perished. Community is where God is at and there is no where He is not.