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Sterling's Collection Charms for kids

The Sterling Grace Christian jewelry store features a wide variety of unique, all original designs from silversmith Deborah Harter, and here her seven year old daughter Sterling offers a collection of her own special religious charms, designed with the help of her YaYa. Owing to their precious innocence and unquenchable enthusiasm for life, art created by children is among the most honest and special. Sterling’s collection of unique religious charms for boys and girls portrays her own love of God, and draws inspiration from Bible verses, religious symbolism and imagery, and the wide eyed love of life that we have all experienced as children. Great for accenting a Sterling Grace Christian bracelet or creating a special keychain, this uncommonly memorable faith jewelry makes a great gift for any son or daughter to help them deepen their own connection to Jesus. Shop Sterling Harter’s all original collection of religious charms below!